Executive Director

Esther Fagbola created Project Agape with the desire to change the way we see domestic violence and homelessness.
Her inspiration comes from growing up in an environment where she was exposed to domestic violence. She has extensive experience as an educator and aims to educate the youth on preventive efforts against domestic and sexual violence. She also aims to educate society on the reality that is domestic and sexual abuse and how much of an issue it is in our society. Esther worries about the rise in homeless men, women, and children in Canada and is fighting to aid these individuals and the homes that support them.


Executive Assistant

Joy Otundo joined Project Agape with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization. She has extensive knowledge, experience, and passion for event planning. She is focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Directior of Community Outreach

Cathy Broussard joined Project Agape with the intention of aiding in partnerships with charities in order to enhance the overall care in which charities provide. Her roles involve reaching out to charities in order to partner with them and provide what is best needed to suit their needs. She also works to attain donors for fundraising events.


Director of Volunteer Outreach

Obasore brings numerous communication skills and techniques to Project Agape, that help our organization grow and succeed. He is in charge of our outreach program and aims to partner with volunteers in order to better serve our audience as well as the organization.


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