Executive Director

Esther created Project Agape with the desire to change the way we see domestic violence and rape. Her inspiration comes from growing up in an environment where she was exposed to domestic violence. She has also had lived experience from being in an environment where she was exposed to sexual violence through an unhealthy and abusive partner. She has extensive experience as an educator and aims to educate the youth on domestic and sexual violence. She also aims to serve as a support system to black survivors like herself through the wellness workshops offered with Project Agape.



Programs and Operations Manager

Eniola joined Project Agape as she supports the mission of the organization. She is happy to be part of a organization that gives back to the community and educative methods to aid people who have experienced domestic violence. In the Ottawa community, there are not enough resources for BIPOC people and Project Agape provides just that.
As the director of events and a black women, she believes she can brainstorm events that will properly cater to the BIPOC community who are victims of domestic & sexual abuse, as she is a survivor. 



Executive Assistant

Hannah joined Project Agape because she supports our mission to help BIPOCl survivors gain access to crucial resources that bridge the  inequalities they face in society.
She is passionate about breaking generational curses. 
To her, Victim Advocacy is providing the information, support and resources necessary for survivors to heal. It is healing that takes an intersectional approach at gender-based violence.
A part of Survivor Justice is fostering and nurturing healing that will have a meaningful impact on many generations to come.



Project Researcher

 Emma is originally from Ghana but grew up in the GTA. She is bilingual in English and French. Emma is responsible for ensuring all initiatives are backed by peer-reviewed, current research. Emma provides research upon request to other executive members. In 2021, Emma received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Ottawa with a specialization in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. She also works for the Government of Canada as a Policy Officer. Her professional background also includes work in Canadian nonprofit and labour rights sectors. 



Project Coordinator and Facilitator

Anaya has completed second degree in the Assaulted Women and Children’s Counsellor and Advocate program at GBC in Toronto. Due to, unfortunate, past experiences and a passion for wellness, abundance and social justice, she found herself in positions like these - trying to make a change and work with survivors like herself.

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Program Coordinator and Facilitator

Abiana helps develop and host different programs and events for the organization. Abiana is a 21 year old student at the University of Ottawa studying Social Sciences with a specialization in Conflict Studies and Human rights. From an early age Abiana has been passionate about social justice and human rights and is an alumni of the Seminar on United Nations and International Affairs, and the National Student Commonwealth Forum.