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The aim of these workshops is to promote empower, provide wellness, a sense of interconnectedness and build a community of survivors that can rely on each other, learn and grow together. This workshop type has options that are inclusive to all, specifically for Black women and gender-diverse people.

Our current community wellness offerings include:

  • Building healthy community relationships

  • Creating safe and brave and inclusive spaces for survivors in Institutions e.g schools, workplace 

  • Survivor Advocacy: how to advocate for survivors, support survivors, hold space for survivors 

  • Community mental wellness 

  • Identifying and reclaiming sex and sexual wellness after trauma

  • Black Brave Spaces: more customized spaces for Black women and gender-diverse people. In the past, this has included discussion on Black culture and sexual wellness, uplifting Black women, love language workshops and community check-in spaces. We are still growing and are open to customize a Black Brave Space to your experience and needs.



These are workshops, led by survivors that aim to educate on gender-based violence and all its components. Our current educational offerings include:


  • A Workshop on Boundaries

  • Building Consent Spaces: exploring academic consent, consent in friendships, digital consent, consent in the context of social media, consent in relationships (including sexual and romantic relationships).

  • Workplace Harassment Training 

  • Unlearning Rape Culture: victim blaming, slut shaming, examples of rape culture, what is rape apology, rape culture in the media, how to combat rape culture

  • Activating Bystander Intervention in Black communities 



We provide a wide variety of workshop types that encompass gender-based violence. Customized workshops are workshops catered to our client that allow clients to be able to come with the service they are looking for and we cater to that accordingly.

Workshops: Programs
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